A Geopolitical Approach to Enlargement

Discussions at the workshop encompassed how best to redefine a new geopolitical strategy for the Western Balkans, Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia, by focusing on enlargement and exploring ways to further stimulate transatlantic cooperation, for the benefit of the enlargement process.

Kontakt Collection on display at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg

From 21 July onwards visitor to the museum will be able to see the sculptor’s first retrospective in German speaking countries. Featuring her tactile sculptures and large-format reliefs, the exhibition offers the museum’s audiences a rare opportunity to discover her work, which has not attracted the international attention it merits.

Film Premiere Rette sich, wer kann

The film centers around the night of July 14, 2021 when 12 residents died in a home for people with disabilities during a flood in the Ahr Valley, Germany.

Remembering the Srebrenica Genocide

ERSTE Foundation I Remembering the Srebrenica Genocide Srebrenica is an appeal for peace, for solidarity and love to all human beings. It is necessary not to despair, because we have to start again and again, to move in the right direction. Last but not least, Srebrenica is a word for me that presents a challenge, […]

NGO Academy

The largest management capacity-building programme for civil society organisations in Central and Eastern Europe


A tool to empower traditional artisans


A philanthropic initiative for democracy and solidarity in Europe


A network of autonomous initiatives in contemporary art