A Geopolitical Approach to Enlargement

Over the past two days our co-working space was home to an ideation workshop with the geopoliticial approach to enlargement being on the table.

Discussions at the workshop encompassed how best to redefine a new geopolitical strategy for the Western Balkans, Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia, by focusing on enlargement and exploring ways to further stimulate transatlantic cooperation, for the benefit of the enlargement process. A redefined geopolitical approach would invigorate and strengthen Europe’s political influence and leverage in the region and limit the scope of obstructive external influence mainly from Russia and China.

Together with the European Council on Foreign Relations, this project is building on synergies within the of Europe’s Futures Programme’s Alumni Network, and in particular a reflection group on enlargement. The project aims to build a viable coalition of politicians, Euro-Atlantic policymakers, CSO, and business community representatives, who would simultaneously advocate for a more integrated Europe and its neighbourhood in the field of politics, democracy, and security.

For more information on the Europe’s Futures Programme, a strategic partnership between the ERSTE Foundation and the Institute for Human Science, Vienna, please visit the project website (www.xxx.eu). The Foundation works towards preserving a democratic Europe as we believe that the European idea is worth fighting for, you can find more information on how we are working towards this on our website. Preserve a democratic Europe – ERSTE Stiftung

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