Kontakt Collection on display at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg

will be the first exhibition of Maria Bartuszová in Austria. From 21 July onwards visitor to the museum will be able to see the sculptor’s first retrospective in German speaking countries. Featuring her tactile sculptures and large-format reliefs, the exhibition offers the museum’s audiences a rare opportunity to discover her work, which has not attracted the international attention it merits. 

Eight art pieces are on loan from the Kontakt Collection, to be shown at the Museum der Moderne in Salzburg, in cooperation with Tate Modern. A central task of the Kontakt Collection is its lending activity. Art work can be borrowed from institutions worldwide and displayed in exhibitions. In doing so, Kontakt supports public museums and exhibition venues and enables Eastern European artists to be inscribed in international art history. Since the Kontakt Collection was founded in 2004, around 3,200 pieces have been loaned to 230 institutions.  

ERSTE Foundation is a partner of the Kontakt Collection, which holds the art collection of both the Foundation and Erste Group. Kontakt was set up as a non-profit art association on the initiative of Erste Group in order to collect artworks and secure a cultural heritage. Kontakt collects works that play an integral role in European art history while also claiming an exceptional position in the politically heterogeneous region of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Many of the artists Kontakt collaborates with in order to secure and document their artistic heritage receive too little attention both in their countries of origin and internationally. Kontakt ensures that future generations can continue to work with the archived material and that important artistic positions do not disappear from the canon. 

Read more about the Kontakt Collection here  Kontakt Collection – ERSTE Stiftungontakt Collection – ERSTE Stiftung

For information on the exhibition, please visit the Museum der Moderne Salzburg’s website Maria Bartuszová – Museum der Moderne Salzburg

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