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Europe: United in_equality?

A joint project of Genshagen Foundation, ERSTE Foundation and the Auswärtiges Amt

English language editing and translations: John Barrett, John Farndon, Oliver Gascoigne, Hanna Shakel
Publisher: Genshagen Foundation, Am Schloss 1, 14974 Genshagen
Content: 94 pages
Year: 2023

Contributions from the project #EUmeetsEurope – A Transdisciplinary Approach to European Integration

Europe and the EU are often used as synonyms. This equation testifies to the EU’s self-image and ambition to be a pan-European integration project. In practice, however, these aspirations encounter strongly diverging realities across European countries and societies. Persistent inequalities cut deeply into the very foundations of the European project – democracy and human rights, economic prosperity, climate and environmental protection, and ultimately peace and security.

The interactive publication “Europe: United in_equality?” assembles the contributions to the transdisciplinary project #EUmeetsEurope. 12 researchers, practitioners, writers and artists from different parts of Europe were invited to explore (in)equality in Europe with their own means of expression. This resulted in a variety of contributions – research papers, analyses and essays, literary texts, audio features, images and illustrations, a musical journey and other artistic performances – which are collected in the present volume, thus bringing together different forms of knowledge on and different points of contact with Europe.

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