Black Cats. A documentary film

Director: Stefan Capaliku
Publisher: TICA, Tirana
Content: 1 DVD (26 min.)
Year: 2012

This documentary was produced within the framework of the regional partnership project: Individual Utopias Now and Then – discontinuity of generation dialogue or what do we have in common? by Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Arts, New Media, and Tirana Institute for Contemporary Arts (T.I.C.A.).

Black Cats is a documentary composed in two parts: The first part presents and includes footage from archives related to the history of nudity in Albanian art, which is very strange because of the primitive and very conservative mentality of Albanian society, especially during the communist time in which it was completely forbidden. In the second part of the film we follow the everyday life of the two nude models who work at the Academy of Art in Tirana. Both women are ex-prostitutes living in a very difficult economic and moral situation.

This publication is available at ERSTE Foundation Library.