PIONIRI – Meine Geschichte, unsere Geschichte

Directors: Markus Weisheitinger-Hermann, Sandro Pfeiffer, Edin Smajilbašić
Publisher: Friedensbüro, Salzburg
Content: 1 DVD, incl. booklet
Year: 2014

A group of young adults from Salzburg turned out to be real pioneers when they decided to go on an adventure to sit down and discuss together the wars in former Yugoslavia, develop and offer workshops and documents on the topic. All of them are in some kind of relation with the country and of different ethnical, religious and social backgrounds.

The result of this joint initiative, in addition to numerous experiences and encounters, is the film PIONIRI – my story, our story: a combination of DVD and booklet, an attempt to jointly try to explain the background of the wars in former Yugoslavia, recommend literature, music, movies on the topic, and in the same time tell their own story, the story about their pioneer work which was worth the effort.

This publication is available at ERSTE Foundation Library.