Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges and Opportunities

Recent history and potential future of civil society in 16 countries More than two decades have passed since nonprofit and third-sector researchers “discovered” Central and Eastern Europe as an area of scholarly interest. After the collapse of the communist regimes in Eastern Europe and the fall of the Iron Curtain, scholars noted the emergence of […]

The Future of Europe. Comparing Public and Elite Attitudes

A major Chatham House study examining European attitudes on issues from identity and integration to the future of the EU has been released in June 2017 – a year on from Britain’s vote to leave. Based on a unique survey of more than 10,000 members of the public and 1,800 “influencers” from politics, the media, business […]


Texts by: Ivana Bago, Milena Bartlová, Boris Buden, Karel Císař, Cosmin Costinaş, Ekaterina Degot, Branislav Dimitrijević, Marta Dziewanska, Charles Esche, Christine Frisinghelli, Boris Groys, Daniel Grúň, Tom Holert, Christian Höller, Nataša Ilić, Maud Jacquin, Leonida Kovač, Izabela Kowalczyk, Anders Kreuger, Roman Kurzmeyer, Kim Levin, Tevž Logar, Antonia Majaca, Boris Marte, Ewa Majewska, Susanne Neuburger, Peter […]

Little Warsaw: Rebels

This book has been published on the occasion of the OFF-Biennale Budapest 2017 GAUDIOPOLIS 2017 – The City of Joy. Through films, installations, and a wide variety of media, Little Warsaw addresses historical memory and confronts personal encounters with social experience. In the research, publication, and exhibition project Rebels, the artist duo revisits the revolutionary […]

Nesvrstani Modernizmi / Non-Aligned Modernisms

These seven publications explore the political modernism developed through the political practises of non-aligned countries and its reflection in the production of new social relations, public spaces and representations in visual arts and urban studies; its potential for todays’ globalised art, culture and politics. The publications entered the field of debates on European political and […]

ERSTE Foundation Annual Report 2016

Cover Annual Report 2016 EN

ERSTE Foundation publishes annually a report with information and figures related to its work. The Annual Report 2016 shows what has been done in this year, describing specific projects, their objectives and accomplishments, as well as the highlights of our work. In addition, it provides the foundation’s financial statement and gives an overview of developments […]