Now the impulse is to live! Sofia Edition exhibition project in Sofia





Exhibition organised in the frame of the project C4R (Cultures for Resilience), by, in collaboration with Atelier d’Architecture Autogérée (FR), Casco Art Institute (NL), Nethood (CH) and in partnership with Toplocentrala (BG).

Venue: Toplocentrala, 5 Emil Bersinski Street, Sofia, Bulgaria

Opening: Friday, 2 September 2022, 6 p.m.

A research exhibition comprising documentation produced in the C4R activities, as well as artworks and documents related to a localised understanding of resilience. The first edition of the exhibition took place in July 2022 in Bucharest and is now moving to Sofia, in an adapted version, and with some works presented in premiere.

CCA Toplocentrala is the new public cultural institute in Sofia, established in a close collaboration between the Sofia Municipality and the independent scene of contemporary art in Bulgaria. The centre provides a platform for performing arts and music and has an exhibition program, focused on contemporary art and its social, educational and community impact.   

The project is supported by the EC’s Creative Europe – Culture programme.

The C4R project aims to foster resilient and inclusive European societies by developing participatory cultural practices of resilience and ensuring social transversality. C4R offers conditions for the production and dissemination of a diversity of cultures of resilience to counterbalance the over-hype of catastrophist productions and to influence and transform European collective imaginaries.

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Cover picture: Zaharia Helinger: Watermelon, 1979, acrylic on cardboard. Presented by Watermelon Residency (Daniela Pălimariu, Alex Niculescu).