Forest Encounters

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Within the framework of the European cooperation project Forest Encounters – the leading partner of which is the Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory – an international symposium and opening of the exhibition by Polonca Lovšin in Ljubljana, 30 November–1 December 2023, will be organized.


Friday, 1 December 2023, 9:30–15:15, MGLC Švicarija, Pod turnom 4, Ljubljana

Speakers: Giovanni Aloi, Agata A. Konczal, Ana Kučan, Teo Hrvoje Oršanič, Maja Simoneti, Borbála Soós
Moderators: Urška Jurman, Mateja Kurir

The Forest Encounters symposium aims to develop a multifaceted and interdisciplinary understanding of diverse values, meanings, challenges, and perspectives related to forest. Bringing together different disciplines, the symposium approaches the forest as a site where we can explore ecology and interconnectedness but also as a site of diverse and often conflictual policies, and social, cultural, and economic practices.

The symposium acknowledges both the human and other-than-human perspectives, the rights of humans to nature and the rights of nature, and discusses diverse imaginaries, concepts, and practices around the questions: What and how can we learn with and through the forest? How to meet the challenges of contemporary forest management? What forest disaster narratives tell us about modern society? What meanings are attached to the forest as a cultural landscape? How has artistic engagement with the forest changed over time? What kind of forest do we wish for and need for the future? What do we need to make that happen?

For detailed symposium programme please go to: Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory

The programme is held in English. Entry is free of charge, but registration is required. Please, register here:

Exhibition by Polonca Lovšin: “The Forest in Women´s Hands and Mushrooms at the End of the World”

30 November 2023 until 31 January 2024
Slovenian Forestry Institute, Večna pot 2, Ljubljana
Monday–Friday, 9:00–14:00

Thursday, 30 November 2023, at 16:00

Opening performance: What Does the Forest Say?
30 November 2023, 15:30–16:00, by the entrance to the Forestry Institute car park; performers: dancers and volunteers under the direction of choreographer Klavdija Križ Potisk; music: Tjaša Avsec, Tilen Stepišnik, Ksenja Kohek

The exhibition The Forest in Women’s Hands and Mushrooms at the End of the World presents new works by the artist and architect Polonca Lovšin, who in recent years has focused on the topic of forests and their importance for the future of our planet. She is interested in the more-than-human perspective and views the forest as a complex ecosystem that reveals the connectedness between humans and other living beings in their environment.

For more information about the exhibition please go to: Forest Encounters Exhibition

Cover picture: Polonca Lovšin: Mushrooms at the End of the World, 2023

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