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Although Robert Cyprich is a legend of the Slovak Neo-Avant-Garde scene, he belongs to its lost and unknown characters. He quietly disappeared from the art scene in the late 1980s, and in 1996 he died in almost complete isolation.

Cyprich studied art history, but never completed his studies. He was a theoretician as well as an artist, who left behind poems, texts, drawings, concepts, scores, manifests, actions and correspondence. He corresponded with artists and theoreticians from throughout Czechoslovakia, Western European countries (France in particular) and the Soviet Union.

The exhibition project entitled Experiment presents of part of Cyprich’s estate kept by Czech artist and curator Jan Mlčoch. It features artwork as representative examples of various phases of Cyprich’s work and its variable positions. This is not a monograph of the artist, but a selective representation pointing out an important aspect of his life – his search for the meaning of art in communication, in the “poetization” of the civil, and his efforts to create impulses and disseminate them so that the art work itself would be a life practice.

Participating artists:
Robert Cyprich + Liza Gennart
Katarína Hládeková
Katarína Karafová & Michal Huštaty
Martin Toldy
Miroslav Tóth

Curated by: Jan Mlčoch, Beata Jablonská, Ján Kralovič

Graphic design & Exhibition architecture: Zbyněk Baladrán

Extensive Situation is a parallel participative project of artists who interpret as well as update the legacy of Cyprich’s thoughts, and his artistic and theoretical concepts. The artwork and performances were created specifically for this exhibition and re-update the meaning of creation based on cooperation, collective experience transfer and sharing.

Opening: 11.12.2020
Duration: 11.12.2020 – 14.05.2021
Venue: tranzit.sk, Beskydská 12, 81105 Bratislava
Opening hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 2-6 p.m.; Friday: 2-7 p.m.
The exhibition will be closed between 19.12.2020 – 6.01.2021.

For more information please visit tranzit.sk.

Cover picture: Robert Cyprich: EX-TENSION (socio-demonstrative auction), Theater at Roland, Bratislava, April 19, 1980.

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