War of Memories. A guide to Hungarian memory politics

Editors: Dóra Hegyi, Zsuzsa László, Zsóka Leposa
Authors: Dóra Hegyi, Zsóka Leposa, Katalin Sinkó, et al.
Publisher:, Budapest
Content: 167 pages
ISBN: 978-963-12-2397-2
Year: 2015

This collection of essays is published in the framework of’s programme series on memory politics. The War of Memories project investigates how current local and international urgencies of memory politics manifest themselves in artistic practices, and in the institutions of art and culture.

How do certain maps and methodologies of cartography fuel political imagination, and how do they become icons of popular culture? How are monuments and memorials conceived, how do they interact with each other and their urban texture, and how do they translate political statements and traumas into an iconography of public monuments? How are cultural institutions (i.e. exhibition spaces, museums) shaped by geopolitical and diplomatic intentions, and how do they embody and manifest conflicting memories with their politics of space and display?

Through case studies, interviews and photo essays presented in this publication, we endeavour to offer to international, non-Hungarian readers insight into the crucial issues of memory culture that revolves around Hungary. Of all the significant historical events in Hungarian history, our starting point for this publication was the Treaty of Trianon, and how it is remembered; nonetheless, the memory of the Holocaust and the question of taking responsibility for the deeds that were committed are also vital to the discussions.

This publication is available at ERSTE Foundation Library.

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