Unsere neuen Nachbarn / Naše nove komšije / Our new neighbours

Editor: Belgrade Raw
Authors: Srećko Horvat et al.
Content: 121 pages
ISBN: 9788691970109
Year: 2016

The articles selected for this catalogue provide the readers with diverse and comprehensive view of the topics dealt with in the exhibition Our New Neighbours. The authors are people engaged in different fields of activity and their texts are the result of their own experiences and observations of the refugee crisis. The civil sector, which implies direct work with refugees in Austria, is presented by the organization Ute Bock from Vienna, while the text written by the journalist Žaraka Radoja conveys direct experiences from the spot in Serbia.

Serbian writher Vladimir Arsenijević describes his journey along the paths taken by refugees on the so-called Balkan refugee route. Croation philosopher Srećko Horvat gives a critical assessment of the situation; in his essay he appeals to Europe to take responsibility and calls for a radical restructuring of Western society in order to beginn with eliminating the causes of these and similar crises.

This publication is available at ERSTE Foundation Library.