Team 10 East. Revisionist Architecture in Real Existing Modernism

Editor: Łukasz Stanek
Publisher: Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw
Content: 252 pages
ISBN: 978-83-64177-03-3
Year: 2014

This volume coins the term Team 10 East as a conceptual tool to discuss the work of Team 10 members and fellow travellers from state-socialist countries – such as Oskar Hansen of Poland, Charles Polónyi of Hungary, and Radovan Nikšic of Yugoslavia.

This new term allows the book’s contributors to approach these individuals from a comparative perspective on socialist modernism in Central and Eastern Europe and to discuss the relationship between modernism and modernization across the Iron Curtain. In so doing, Team 10 East addresses “revisionism” in state-socialist architecture and politics and shows how Team 10 East architects appropriated, critiqued, and developed post-war modernist architecture and functionalist urbanism both from within and beyond the confines of a Europe split by the Cold War.

This publication is available at ERSTE Foundation Library.

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