Na místě. / Vor Ort.

Author: Franziska Lesák
Publisher: Cherm, Prague
Content: 38 + 58 pages, incl. 1 DVD (80 min.)
ISBN: 978-80-86370-55-2
Year: 2013

Na místě. Franziska Lesák v rozhovoru se čtyřmi aktéry samizdatu / Vor Ort. Franziska Lesák im Gespräch mit vier Akteuren des Samisdat is a bilingual publication (German-Czech) of retrospective interviews that Franziska Lesák (art historian, born in Vienna and living in Berlin) led with four protagonists of Samisdat between 2006-2011.

She interviewed the author and translator Ivan Binar (*1942), the publisher and librarian Jiří Gruntorád (*1952), art historian and poet Věra Jirousová (1944-2011) and the art theorist Jiří Ševčík (*1940). This book is a testimony of the introspective liberating life of personalities at the time of external oppression during the communist regime.

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