Editor: Goranka Matić
Publisher: Club Alpach, Belgrade
Content: 14 pages
Year: 2012

€uroXibition is a result of six months intensive work of five young Serbian and five young Kosovar photographers, gathered around the ideas and perspectives of their realities toward EU and sharing their thoughts through photos. A coherent group of ten artists broke all the prejudices inside of them, myths that exist among nations and faced all the glory and poverty of their societies, which are striving to become part of the EU.

The exhibition focuses on showing willingness and ways of cooperation between youth from Kosovo and youth from Serbia through cultural exchange. Ten photographers (five from Belgrade and five from Pristina) were selected to take photos and capture symbolism of the EU and Europe in their environment, usage of Euro sign (€) and words such as: ‘Euro’ and ‘Europe’ for various purposes (e.g. shops, buildings, marketing etc).

During the project, the photographers participated in two workshops organised in Belgrade and Pristina, which brought them closer together, enhanced their cooperation in the working process and intensified exchange of ideas. Lectures by eminent photographers and facilitators from Serbia and Kosovo helped not just bringing the results of photographers work in one place during the exhibition, but also initiated cooperation and communication during the entire project.

This publication is available at ERSTE Foundation Library.