Dincolo de oraş / Beyond the City

Editors: Cosmina Goagea et al.
Publisher: Zeppelin Association / Ion Mincu University Publishing House, Bucharest
Content: 203 pages
ISBN: 978-606-638-076-8
Year: 2013

This Romanian-English publication develops the themes of the exhibition. Seven chapters attempt an illustrative profile of the recent reality in rural areas on Romanian territory.

On the whole, there are two kinds of materials:

  1. Texts which are primarily theoretical, describing phenomena in a synthetic manner. Some of these texts introduce chapters, others are independent essays.
  2. Examples of good practice, a sort of file of good things. Some concern actual restoration projects or new buildings; others describe complex programmes, or are simply success stories. The actors are locals (either the original inhabitants or immigrants to the countryside), architects, urban planners, all kinds of activists and volunteers, investors and many others. Essentially, community and sustainability are the key issues of all the projects.

This publication is available at ERSTE Foundation Library.

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