Walking Music

Music architecture at Erste Campus





Walking Music is an interactive social music installation, which turns the Erste Campus into an instrument. Every person moving there triggers a number of sounds in real time. One person crossing the Campus creates a melody, many people create a harmony. A tracking system captures movements and triggers musical sounds over a multitude of loudspeakers.

Scheme of loudspeakers positions © Rupert Huber

This piece of music architecture will be realized by composer Rupert Huber. He is widely known for his piano music and music installations, his electronic music project TOSCA and his collaboration with Ars Electronica. For Huber, music is communication as well as an active state of peace. His theory of composing, called dimensional music, considers physical space and unknown possibilities to create social and participatory music architecture.

This installation is made possible in partnership with Ars Electronica Solutions.

Cover picture: © Miroslava Holečková