Unlearning Biennale






How to think of a biennale not only as a curatorial platform to get involved with contemporary art practices from around the world but also as a tool and process through which we change the way in which contemporary art institutions are run?
Is it possible to reform the biennale so that it operates under more equal economic, gender, or ethnic power relations and under conditions of ecological sustainability?
How to imagine a biennale that does not end up in establishing a promising career for a couple of individuals while the rest of the team is exhausted physically, mentally, and financially?

The symposium attempts to answer the questions above and more and provide various concepts, strategies, and formats that challenge the biennale status quo.

ERSTE Foundation is the main partner of tranzit.

This event is organized by tranzit.cz in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, and City Gallery Prague and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, and the City of Prague.

Location: Moderní Galerie AVU , U Starého výstaviště 188, 17000 Prague, Czech Republic

Participating institutions and individuals

Tuan Mami, Chau Hoang (Nha San Collective, Vietnam), Rosie Cooper (Liverpool Biennale, UK), Paweł Wodziński, Anna Galas-Kosil, Bartosz Frąckowiak (Biennale Warszawa, PL), Vasyl Cherepanyn, Natalia Neshevets (VCRC, Ukraine), Eva Gonzáles-Sancho, Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk (Oslo Biennial – First Edition, Norway), Hajnalka Somogyi, Borbála Szalai (OFF Biennale, Hungary), Gabi Ngcobo (Berlin Biennale, Germany), Farid Rakun (Jakarta Biennale, Indonesia), Binna Choi (Casco Art Institute, NL), George Schölhammer (tranzit.at, Austria), Tereza Stejskalová, Vít Havránek (tranzit.cz, CZ), Zbyněk Baladrán, Zuzana Jakalová (Display, CZ), Michal Novotný (Futura Project, CZ), Karina Kottová, Tereza Jindrová (Jindřich Chalupecký Society, CZ), Marek Pokorný (Plato Ostrava, CZ), Alžběta Bačíková, Anna Remešová (etc. galerie, CZ), Tereza Virtová (Klinika, CZ), Emília Rigová (SK), Pavel Vančát (Spolek Skutek, CZ).

Florian Bauer

Director Social Finance, Sustainability and Innovation
Since 2023, Florian Bauer has been responsible for social finance, sustainability and social innovation at ERSTE Foundation. Prior to this role, Florian worked in the NGO & Social Entrepreneurship sector for more than 13 years. He led the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), an international multilateral NGO that works to accelerate market-based deployment of renewable energy and energy efficient systems in developing countries, and was Managing Director & COO of the Impact Hub Vienna. From 2020-2023, Florian established strategic alliances with key partners and helped to create innovative semantic technology solutions at Semantic Web Company (SWC), a leading IT company in semantic AI solutions.