The Kyiv International – Kyiv Biennial 2017





It is time for the second edition! The Visual Culture Research Center presents The Kyiv International – Kyiv Biennial 2017. This year’s biennial aims to explore and reveal the emancipatory potential of the idea of the political International, which emerged in Europe.

Today, in the age of structural crisis of global institutions — when the maintenance of a transnational status quo is constructed from violated borders, peripheral wars, and the emergence of new walls and conflicts — the idea of cross-border unity and international solidarity is of utmost urgency for the future survival of Europe.

The biennial integrates art projects with a number of institutional collaborations to create agoras for debate. A program of free thematic public events addresses the political, social, economic, and historical circumstances in today’s Ukraine and Europe, as well as on a global scale. Running until 29 November!