The 9th Futurological Congress





An upcoming iteration of The 9th Futurological Congress will take place in Bratislava at the auditorium of the Slovak Radio Building. The main interest of the 9th Futurological Congress is to look at the future from several discrete perspectives, avoiding totalizing gestures or predictions. For the Bratislava iteration of the Futurological Congress, we are concerning ourselves with The Future of Language. Looking at it from the broadest perspective, language is many things: There is voice, there is text, there are musical notation systems… There are bird mating calls, there is the low rumble of the earth, there are lexicons and idioms that belong to particular generations, and there are also lexicons and idioms that belong to specific political positions.

Participants: Julieta Aranda, Daniel Grúň, Karl Holmqvist, Chaosdroid & Boris Vitázek, Boris Ondreička, Ayumi Paul, Peter Sit, Tony Yanick

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