Perspectives and potential for family carers

Zoom Conference 2023





Caring for family members is a matter that concerns all of us. Almost everyone will care for a relative at least once in their lives – and none of us will choose this role. It will not only put a strain on us but probably also on those close to us. So why don’t we talk about it? Why aren’t we proud of what we are capable of in this role? And why don’t we seek help when we are at a loss or in need of a second opinion?

The virtual conference “Perspectives and potential for family carers” brings together experts, researchers and carers to discuss issues linked to family care. The conference will address perspectives, identify potential and offer inspiration and encouragement. As part of a three-year research project into reducing the care burden, it will also pay special attention to how digital technology can support family carers.

2023 Conference

We invite you to be inspired, gain new insight and share your experiences with your fellow participants!

When? 26 January – 1 February 2023
Where? Online via Zoom
Who? Carers and anyone interested in learning more about this topic

The conference is held in German.

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Click here for a programme overview, lecturers and other details Konferenz 2023 – Perspektiven und Potentiale für pflegende Angehörige – Two Next inclusion (

Cover picture: Photo from Jung von Matt