ERSTE Foundation shows: Ferenc Gróf





The first edition of the “ERSTE Foundation shows” series at Erste Campus presents works by Adela Jušić and Ferenc Gróf. Both artists participate in the exhibition Stopover – Ways of Temporary Exchange.

Friendship and exchange, social movements and activism, the historical dimension of imperialism and its effect on the present, and the strengthening of new nationalisms: these are the themes of this international group show at the frei_raum Q21 exhibition space / MuseumsQuartier Vienna on display until 25 Nov 2017. The exhibition is based on the Artist-in-Residence program at Q21/MuseumsQuartier, which is carried out in cooperation with tranzit and ERSTE Foundation.

Ferenc Gróf presents the work ŠVEJK IN THE 3RD WORLD WAR / THE TR*TH. This ongoing graphic series of images examines the dynamics and iconography of a new/old patrimonialism. Using patterns and stereotypes of pater/patria/patriarchy, the principle and sole character of the images is Švejk, whose face, stuffed with food, decorates hundreds of pubs and restaurants all over the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Ferenc Gróf lives and works in Paris and Budapest.

“ERSTE Foundation” shows is a platform for showcasing projects, project partners, and current issues of ERSTE Foundation, as well as artistic positions. “ERSTE Foundation shows” is a window giving visitors and the interested public an insight into our work.