Edi Hila. Painter of transformation





The National Gallery of Arts in Tirana presents the retrospective of the Albanian painter Edi Hila.

Edi Hila was born in Shkodër in 1944 and works in Tirana. He is affiliated with the Tirana Academy of Fine Arts, where he is an influential teacher. Educated in Shkodër, a city with its beginnings in the ancient world, Hila has always had access to the roots of classical culture.

He primarily creates series treating a selected theme over several paintings. The most important of Hila’s series include Paradox (2000–2005), Relations (2002–2014), Threat (2003–2009), Roadside Objects (2007–2010), Penthouses (2013), Martyrs of the Nation Boulevard (2015) and A Tent on the Roof of the Car (2017). The realism of his painting is distinct, based on careful observation of detail, which he exploits to convey the psychological truth of the observed phenomenon.

Edi Hila: Painter of Transformation is a joint project of the National Gallery of Arts, Albania, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, and Kontakt. Art Collection in Vienna.

Kathrin Rhomberg, Erzen Shkololli, Joanna Mytkowska

Cover photo: Edi Hila, Witness (from the series “A Tent on the Roof of a Car”), 2017. Courtesy: Kontakt Art Collection