Do we need a post-Covid economic revolution?

Debating Europe


Debating Europe Live Discussion from Burgtheater

The Covid-19-pandemic and the economic crisis it triggered is not only upsetting fiscal and social policies in most industrialized countries, but also the debate among economists about the role of the state, the future of work and the balance between necessary economic growth and the needs to fight global warming. How many of these new ideas will persist once the pandemic is over? Has the time for a new approach to economics finally arrived?

These questions will be explored in a debate with Albena Azmanova, Associate Professor in Political and Social Theory, University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies. Daniel Gros, Distinguished Fellow and Member of the Board, Centre for European Policy Studies, Lisa Herzog, Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Groningen and Harald Oberhofer, Professor of Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business on the stage of the Burgtheater on May 9 as part of the series „Debating Europe“.

The debate will be in English and will be moderated by Eric Frey, senior editor of Der Standard.

Debating Europe – Europa im Diskurs

This series of public morning debates brings leading politicians, scientists and intellectuals on to the stage of Vienna’s Burgtheater to discuss topical issues of political and social relevance. This long-standing event is a collaborative production of the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM)BurgtheaterERSTE Foundation and Austrian daily Der Standard.