Eine Reise durch Europa und seine unbewältigte Geschichte


Invitation to book launch and discussion

ERSTE Foundation and Residenz Verlag warmly invite you to the launch of:

Eine Reise durch Europa und seine unbewältigte Geschichte
By Konrad Kramar

“From Brexit to Orbán’s Hungary”: Konrad Kramar, foreign policy editor with Austrian daily KURIER, will present his new book and discuss with political scientist and Europe expert Ulrike Guérot whether Europe’s new nationalism is reopening old rifts.

As space will be limited, we kindly ask you to register for the event. Following the discussion, we invite you to join us for a reception. The event will be held in German.

About the book:
A Hungarian prime minister presents a Jewish billionaire as public enemy number one for the sake of an anti-European election campaign. In Barcelona, nationalist politicians go to jail for a vague dream of freedom, and Britain’s EU opponents orchestrate Brexit as a fight against German supremacy. Europe is undergoing the worst crisis since World War II. Konrad Kramar has visited the current trouble spots. Beyond the bluster of populist campaigning and anti-European agitation, he shines a light on the rifts in nations and societies and traces them back to their origins in war, violence and displacement. Kramar explains why current politics has no answers to these crises and shows where solutions might be found.

Konrad Kramar: Neue Grenzen, offene Rechnungen. Eine Reise durch Europa und seine unbewältigte Geschichte. Residenz Verlag, 256 pages, ISBN 978 3 7017 3482 5

Born in Vienna in 1966, Kramer studied pharmacy. A journalist since 1984, he joined Austrian daily Kurier in 1992 and became an editor for the foreign desk in 1999. He has authored several acclaimed historical non-fiction books, such as Die schrulligen HabsburgerMission Michelangelo (2013), and Neue Grenzen, offene Rechnungen (2019).

Born in Grevenbroich in 1964, is head of the Department for European Politics and the Study of Democracy at Danube University Krems. She also founded the European Democracy Lab in Berlin. Prior to that, she worked at European think tanks and universities in Paris, Brussels, London, Washington and Berlin. Her books Why Europe Must Become a Republic! A Political Utopia (2016, Dietz) and The New Civil War. The Open Europe and Her Enemies (2017, Ullstein) have been translated into numerous languages. Her two essays Wie hältst du’s mit Europa and Was ist die Nation? were published in 2019 by Steidl.

Titelbild: Barbed Wire. Photo: © (CC BY 2.0) Ivan Radic / Flickr

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