BOLD EUROPE: The European Forum Alpbach 2023





This year’s theme BOLD EUROPE allows us to continue last year’s vision of a new Europe. With the multiple crises our continent is still facing, a Bold Europe becomes necessary.

For too long, European prosperity has been based on cheap Russian energy, the huge Chinese market and American security guarantees. In 2023, Europe must accept this new reality and take a bold leap. It must urgently reduce its dependencies while remaining open to the world. Europe needs to massively build renewable energy systems, diversify away from dominating suppliers and vulnerable legacy industries, and take its security into its own hands.

More than that: Europe also needs to become bolder in shaping the world. It must use the current window of opportunity to accelerate the green transition and strengthen its global leadership in the fight against climate change. Europe’s former economic powerhouses must bring their economies back on track and regain their competitiveness by investing more in technology and innovation.

The EU must become more effective in using the size of its single market to set global standards following its interests and values. Defending our democratic values against authoritarian influences also requires boldness. We need to master this complex world by questioning assumptions, running experiments and taking risks.

Bold means having a clear plan together. The willingness to take risks together. The preparedness to act fast and strong together.

A bold Europe is not an option, it is a necessity.

Thematic Tracks

Within the framework of this year’s annual theme the EFA23 will once again focus on four main challenges of our time:

  • Rallying for Climate Action
  • Securing Europe in a Multipolar World
  • Fighting for Europe’s Economic Sovereignty
  • Reinforcing Democracy in Europe

For detailed information about the four main EFA23 challenges please visit: Theme & Tracks | European Forum Alpbach

For schedule and speakers please visit: Programme and Speakers of the European Forum… | European Forum Alpbach

Cover picture: ERSTE Foundation Community Alpbach Meeting 2016. Photo (c) ERSTE Foundation/Thomas Steinlechner