An initiative launched by Ukrainian playwrights


– Just across the border, I thought my life was over.
– You tend to dramatize things.

With Regina Fritsch, Caroline Peters, Katharina Pichler, Safira Robens, Tilman Tuppy 

In our series of events in collaboration with the Autor*innentheater Kyjiw (Kyiv Authors’ Theatre), an independent initiative of around 20 playwrights who have succeeded in opening their own venue in Kyiv in the middle of the war, this feature presents the new play by Natalia Vorozhbyt in a staged reading. Commissioned by the Münchner Kammerspiele, GREEN CORRIDORS tells the story of Ukrainian refugee women queueing.

When leaving for Europe, in the refugee shelter, in search of a new life in Vienna and finally, on their way back, the cat lover with her two cats and nine spitzes, the housewife, the nail designer and the actress can do little else but wait. While waiting, they encounter border officials, social workers and volunteers – Europeans, in other words.

With wit, sadness and an unerring eye for the grotesque, GREEN CORRIDORS tells of the complicated relationship between the refugees, their traumas, their losses and their pride and the Europeans with their willingness to help, their otherness, and “their polite, indifferent gaze”. It also reflects the contradictions in the Ukrainians’ relationship with their country and their history. 

The author will be present.

Tickets and more information: Autor*innentheater Kyjiw | Burgtheater

Cover picture: Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz, Photo: Georg Soulek / Burgtheater