4th Vienna Humanities Festival

Hope and Dispair





“Hope and Dispair” – is the motto of the 4th Vienna Humanities Festival, which
will be hosting an inspiring exchange of ideas between science, art and culture from 26 to 29 September.

We are in the midst of several interlinked global crises. Longstanding principles of rational politics have given way to ever increasing emotionalism; democracies seem to dismantle themselves in the face of authoritarian regimes; fears of economic recession and the effects of new technologies and automation loom large. Thirty years after the end of communism in Eastern Europe, liberal democracy has long ceased to be a self-evident goal.

With so much despair, the prospects for hope are more urgent than ever. How can we move toward realizing more desirable futures? And what are the lessons we can learn from earlier forms of resistance. The fourth Vienna Humanities Festival takes up these burning questions in 40 events that bring together leading figures from the world of academia, art, and culture.


– Institute for Human Sciences (IWM )
– Wien Museum
– Time to Talk – European Houses of Debate

26.-29. September 2019
Hope and Dispair – 4th Vienna Humanities Festival
In German and English.

40 events in 2 days (near Karlsplatz)
– Wien Museum
– Evangelische Schule
– Stadtkino
– TU Vienna

Admission free!

Further information available at www.humanitiesfestival.at

Please find the digital press kit here.