Remigration to Post-Socialist Europe

Editors: Caroline Hornstein-Tomić, Robert Pichler, Sarah Scholl-Schneider
Publisher: LIT Verlag, Vienna
ERSTE Foundation Series, Vol. 3
Content: 468 pages
ISBN: 978-3-643-91025-7
Year: 2018

Hopes and Realities of Return

Returning migrants have been involved in post-socialist transformation processes all across Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Engaged in politics, the economy, science and education, arts and civil society, return migrants have often exerted crucial influence on state and nation-building processes and on social and cultural transformations. However, remigration not only comprises stories of achievements, but equally those of failed integration, marginalization, non-participation and lost potential – these are mostly stories untold. The contributions to this volume shed light on processes of return migration to various Eastern and South-Eastern European countries from multidisciplinary perspectives. Particular attention is paid to anthropological approaches that aim to understand the complexities of return migration from individual perspectives.

Cover picture: A returnees’ house boat (Fieri, Albania, 2008). Photo: © Robert Pichler.