No arhiv / No archive

Editor: Jasna Jakšić
Publisher: Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Content: 57 pages
ISBN: 978-953-7615-40-6
Year: 2012

10 razloga za otvoreni digitalni arhiv konceptualne i neoavangardne umjetnosti / 10 reasons for an open digital archive of conceptual and neo-avantgarde art

No archive is a spatial annotation, merely one among many possible visualizations of a permanently changing virtual archive. Interconnected through its data on the dimensions, years of production, materials, and authors, its content remains open to various levels of interpretation. It offers a selection from the collections, libraries, and documentation of four museums – partners in the project of Digitizing Ideas: Archives of Conceptual and Neo-Avantgarde Art Practices.

The core of the exhibition consists of serials, artist books, art magazines, and journals-catalogues, authorial pages and editions, samizdats, posters and leaflets, letters, postcards, and telegrams, as extra-institutional channels of distributing an artwork.

This publication is available at ERSTE Foundation Library.