Cover Annual Report 2020

ERSTE Foundation Annual Report 2020

Publisher: ERSTE Foundation, Vienna
Year: 2021

ERSTE Foundation publishes annually a report with information and figures related to its work.

2020 was not just about Covid. It was also a year of solidarity. ERSTE Foundation created an assistance fund to directly support NGOs struggling with  the  impact  of  the  pandemic,  and  it  joined  forces  with  Erste  Bank  to  provide  interest-free bridging loans. It gave the opposition in Belarus, which is not letting up in its efforts to put an end to Europe’s last dictatorship, a place to rest and relax. It also set up a foundation for economic literacy in Vienna. This issue tells you all about it and much more.

The refreshed report presents the development of the foundation’s participating interests in Erste Group, its core projects and areas of activity, and the decision-making team and boards. In addition, it provides the foundation’s financial statement and gives an overview of developments planned for the future.

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