Avděj Ter-Oganjan: The Museum of a Russian Futurist

Authors: Roman Minaev, Andrej Kovaljev, Ivars Gravlejs, et al.
Editor: Alena Boika
Publisher:, Prague
Content: 331 pages
ISBN: 978-80-87259-23-8
Year: 2013

The publication is based on the accompanying catalogue to the retrospective exhibition of avant-garde artist Avděj Ter-Oganyan titled Fucked Up (or The Museum of a Russian Futurist), which was mounted in 2013 in the Prague tranzitdisplay gallery.

The book may be perceived as a component and continuation of the exhibition, while it also contains everything that falls under the term “retrospective”. The text section of the book contains interviews and previously unpublished texts. The main, pictorial section chronologically delineates the individual periods of Ter-Oganyan’s work, while some parts also constitute documentation of artistic happenings.

The book finds the protagonist at the moment when he is considering the slowly flowing tragedy of being, in which no one feels the urgent need to set oneself basic tasks, formal politeness is balanced by the degree of accessibility of grass and moving pictures of film replace dead manuscripts of superfluous artistic figures.

This publication is available at ERSTE Foundation Library.