EVPA Konferenz Warschau 2018

New Frontiers For Impact





Die EVPA Annual Conference (European Venture Philanthropy Association) ist eine der größten und bekanntesten Konferenzen im Bereich soziale Investitionen und Venture-Philanthropie. Jedes Jahr nehmen über 500 Experten und Fachleute aus Europa und der Welt an der Konferenz teil, um Kontakte zu knüpfen, sich über wesentliche Entwicklungen, Forschungen und Trends auf diesem schnell wachsenden Gebiet auszutauschen. Das Thema der diesjährigen Konferenz lautet „New Frontiers for Impact„.

Europe is facing serious societal challenges, from immigration-integration, climate change, energy poverty, youth unemployment, health care, education amongst many others. These challenges need new innovative solutions. Building these solutions requires both patient capital and cooperation amongst different stakeholders.

In aid to combat these societal challenges, each year we bring together different actors who are at the top of their profession from the social investment and venture philanthropy sector at Europe’s largest and recognised Annual Conference. This year we will be holding our 14th Annual Conference ‘New Frontiers For Impact in Warsaw, Poland.

Currently, only 2% of venture philanthropy investments are allocated to CEE, while 67% go to Western Europe. Social entrepreneurs face difficulties in accessing patient early stage capital that does not demand high financial returns. By organising the 14th EVPA Annual Conference in Central Eastern Europe, we hope to build a different message around the region, to increase resources and bring new actors into the sector.

This year, we will group the sessions into three streams depending on expertise:

  • Explorers (for those who are new to the sector or to a particular topic, this is the perfect starting point).
  • Experts (special breakout sessions for experienced practitioners to debate on specific issues).
  • Co-creators (interactive working sessions for practitioners which will aim at exchanging expertise and co-creating together; in these sessions, practitioners work on a problem and will leave with concrete practical outcome/solutions).

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