Debating Europe

In the series “Debating Europe”, which follows the successful matinee series “Talking about Europe” in Burgtheater, politicians, intellectuals and scientists come to stage to publically discuss European politics.

Debating Europe

“Debating Europe” is a public debate series that takes place at Vienna’s Burgtheater to bring leading politicians, scholars and intellectuals together on the stage. The debate serves to discuss essential questions about European identity such as: solidarity and the question, “What keeps a society together?”; the dialogue of religions in Europe; Migration;  European foreign policy; “Europe 20 Years after 1989”; how Europe defines its borders…

The matinee-series “Debating Europe” goes on in 2011 with the debates “The fight for the Euro and the Future of European Union” (February 20), “Is European Cultural Policy in Crisis?” (March 20).

Videos from some of the panel discussions :
Obama and the Europeans, 28 February 2010
The Opportunities and Dangers of Immigration, 21 March 2010

The series “Debating Europe”  is a cooperation of IWM, Der Standard, Burgtheater and ERSTE Foundation.