Balkan Delikatessen – “Silence”

Editor: Association “Keine Delikatessen – Bühne für SchriftBilder”
Publisher: Edition Atelier, Vienna
Content: 144 pages
ISBN: 978-3-903005-00-6
Year: 2015

In its 19th issue, literary magazine Keine Delikatessen looks eastwards and takes the title Balkan Delikatessen. It contains poetry, prose and essays from the South-Eastern European region dealing with the topic of “silence” and introduces authors mostly unknown in Austria. This multilingual issue aims to create a new network between writers, translators and cultural organisations. One of the main intentions is to provide contemporary South-Eastern European literature with a platform in the German-speaking area.

The main theme is designed to encourage authors not only to write (and read) between the lines, but to engage with the various forms and motives of silence. Even though literature needs the written or spoken word, it can address and reflect upon silence, make its protagonists remain silent, keep silence on certain themes, use silence as a stylistic device and even go beyond all that: Because even if silence is a nonverbal form of communication, it is still always part of communication, enabling information, views and meanings to be communicated and shown.

This publication is available at ERSTE Foundation Library.