MAKE.A.MATCH, an experiment on collaboration, gives artists Carte Blance to do whatever they want to do, with one restriction: they have to collaborate with another artist, a stranger chosen by the curator.

What happens if this premise is put into action? What are the strategies the artists will use in these “arranged marriages,” set up by the curator? Who is the artist in this? Is it the “couple” or “triple” or the curator, the match-maker that ordained their mission? Will they last?

With ego and authorship, presence and credit, control over one’s image and career being some of the most powerful driving forces in the art world, would anyone risk a blind-date? Four duos and one trio, some same sex, some mixed did – and they had been the first to be asked. They have been sent out to meet, discuss and ideally develop a work in common. Match-making criteria, the formula for success, were in general that the paired artists have similar interests, differently translated in practice. The collaborations were staged in Basel, Los Angeles, Pristine, Tel Aviv and Stockholm throughout 2013 and took on unique ways on working together.

MAKE.A.MATCH was initiated by Katharina Schendl.