Hope stronger than fear / Nada jača od straha

The booklet containts ten articles by Elvis Berisha, a 22 year old law student from Podgorica who gained a journalist training in the editorial office of Montenegrin Weekly “Monitor” between summer 2012 and spring 2013 within ERSTE Foundation’s Fellowship for journalists of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian origin. Elvis had the possibility to work for the most prominent Montenegrin weekly in which he learned special investigative techniques by having had the possibility to write about marginalized groups with double or multiple fragilities: Roma, women, youth, HIV infected persons etc.

His texts contain vivid descriptions of crucial social tragedies in Montenegro which have occured during this period and which reflect the harsh conditions the Roma population has to deal with: like the terrible fire in the Konik refugee camp in early summer 2012 in Podgorica or the homicide of a young Roma women in spring 2013.