Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller. Photography & Film

This publication offers a selective retrospective of the work of photographer and filmmaker Friedl Kubelka - known as a filmmaker under the name of Friedl vom Gröller. In addition to a selection of her fashion photographs, the book focuses on portraits of her friends and family, as well as series of images and films.

Kubelka started on her long-term project, “Year’s Portraits,” in 1972: she photographed herself on a daily basis over a period of one year – a process that has been repeated every five years since. This conceptually-structured work on the subject of self-portraiture produces a complex picture of a woman’s search for her own identity by alternating exaggerated poses of female self-representation with documents of personal retreat. Through the choice of staging and props, minor adventures and personal experiences are hinted at; the individual photographs seem to link up to form a film running at a rate of one frame per day.

The book is part of the series of artists’ projects edited by Christoph Keller and is published with Index DVD Edition, Vienna.