This publication, representing and following the long-term collaborative project CODE:RED, immerses into the depth and complexities of the global socio-political and cultural circumstances and issues of sex workers. By installing theory, history, art work as well as personal stories it acts as a collage of “this never winnable war” to set general standards of rights and approval.

“Here the reader will find articles that discuss the history of activism among sex workers, their commitment to social visibility, their fight for basic human and social rights, their cultural activities, and their involvement in trade unions, among other topics. But the book is also a tribute to the remarkable people who, though courage and willpower, have succeeded on breaking out of the vicious cycle of ignorance and stigmatization. The transition from invisibility to public openness represents one of the most life-changing – and liberating – decisions a person can make.” (Tadej Pogačar)

The book includes a series of theoretical essays from the fields of gender studies and feminism, the history of the struggle of sex workers, their political actions, their fight for human and social rights, their cultural work, their inclusion in labor syndicates, and so on. The publication pays tribute to the extraordinary individuals who through their courage and boldness have managed to escape the vicious circle of ignorance and stigmatization. The book also presents essential information about the CODE:RED project – its beginnings, structures, strategies, actions, networks and collaborations. Also included are visual documents from projects in São Paolo,Venice,Madrid, andNew York, as well as three issues of Sex Worker newspaper.