ERSTE Foundation Library

A specialist library serving both the research needs of scientific communities and a general public looking for information and recreation.


ERSTE Foundation Library is the knowledge hive of ERSTE Foundation. The library advances knowledge by building collections and providing open access to materials and information resources that support and reflect both ERSTE Foundation’s mission and the diversity of its projects. We want to be the place that people in the ERSTE Foundation communities and the public in general think of first when they need information on social problem-solving, cultural development, contemporary artistic interventions, and European discourses.

The ERSTE Foundation Library collection has been developed since 2007 to support the research requirements of the foundation’s staff and project partners, as well as the public in general. ERSTE Foundation Library presently holds about 11,000 items. The collection grows by an average of about 1,000 items per year through purchases, private donations, book exchange, and contributions by ERSTE Foundation community members.

For your information

Due to the decisions of the Austrian federal government to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), to protect your health, ERSTE Foundation Library opens the doors again from 10 June 2020 onwards. It will be possible to use the library every Wednesday from 12 am to 5 pm for borrowing and returning under certain regulations.

General precautions for your own safety

The stay in the library is only permitted for the duration of borrowing and returning of respective media. Please note that the study places are not available to use at the current status. The same applies for the restrooms and the kitchen area in the library. We ask you to plan your visit as short as possible.

In general using the library is allowed for up to five library visitors at the same time. During the adapted opening hours it is mandatory to wear a face mask or a face shield. When entering the premises it is required to every person to disinfect hands. Inside the library it is important to keep distance of two meters to every other person in the room. We’d like to emphasize the air conditioning system of the library which blows in fresh air only.

To prevent a possible transfer of viruses through books or other media, we decided to keep returned media in a “book quarantine” before they will enter the borrowing cycle again.

Borrowing, returning and renewing

We ask you to use the contact-free self-check system at ERSTE Foundation Library to return and borrow your media. In exceptional cases or when you don’t have your library card with you, you will be able to check-out at the library desk in compliance with the regulations stated above.

We ask you to organize your visit as short as possible. Please make use of the online search tools and order your media in advance via the ERSTE Foundation Library online catalogue or via e-mail at

Media or books currently borrowed from ERSTE Foundation Library are automatically renewed until the end of July. Anyway, we would like to ask you extending your overdue media in your library account yourself.

The Financial Literacy Collection at Erste Financial Life Park (FLiP) will remain closed. Media from this collection can be borrowed after pre-ordering via phone at +43 50100 15461 or via e-mail to

“As you look at rack upon rack of books in a library, don’t think of them as packets of knowledge. Instead, think of them as flints, waiting to spark something unique in each person who encounters them.”

R. David Lankes, The New Librarianship Field Guide, p. 28