re.act.feminism #2 – a performing archive in Gdansk

Angelika Fojtuch

23 March 2012, 6 pm, Opening
The Wyspa Institute of Art and cross links e.V., Gdansk, Poland

re.act.feminism #2 – a performing archive is a continually expanding temporary and living performance archive travelling through six European countries from 2011 to 2013. In its current version it presents performance art by 142 artists and artist collectives from Eastern and Western Europe, the Mediterranean and MENASA region, the US and several countries in Latin America in the form of videos, films, photographs and texts. On its route through Europe – starting in Spain and continuing through Croatia, Poland, Estonia, Denmark and ending in Germany – this temporary archive will continue to expand through local research and scholarly cooperation. It will also be ‘animated’ through local exhibitions, screenings, performances and discussions along the way, which will continuously contribute to the archive.

The opening of the archive in Gdansk is accompanied by a small exhibition featuring different generations of artists from Poland. Curated by Aneta Szyłak and Aleksandra Grzonkowska, this exhibition will present the following artists: Angelika Fojtuch, Izabela Gustowska, Poshya Kakil, Rozhgar, Mahmood Mustafa, Paulina Ołowska, Ewa Partum, Anna Szwajgier and Zorka Wollny, as well as Teresa Tyszkiewicz.

Accompanying programme of lectures and workshops at the Wyspa Institute of Art, curated by Aneta Szyłak and Aleksandra Grzonkowska

29 March, 6 pm
Ewa Małgorzata Tatar – Is Showing Feminist Art Feminist Curatorship?
5 April, 6 pm
Hubert Bilewicz – Considering the Matrix of Art: The Meta-Artistic Dimensions of Feminist Performance
12 April 12, 6 pm
Katarzyna Lewandowska – WAR – Women Art Revolution: Femininity, Body, Fetish. A `Creature-Artist´
19 April, 6 pm
Julia Gierczak – Between the Imagined and the Real (and real) – (Post)feminism according to Catherine Breillat

Free entrance to all events. Find out more about the lectures at or

Photo: gdzie sie podzialy Angelika Fojtuch 1: Patrycja Orzechowska