Archives of non-institutionalised Culture of the 1970S and 1980S in Czechoslovakia. By

Time and space have completely different parameters in personal archives than in real life. Perhaps it is so because we enter the archives as strangers. Our world has a different arrangement than the archivists once knew. Nevertheless we are still trying to read and reconstruct what shaped the relations between individuals and communities, what united them and connected them to one another. A return to this experience is the reason why this exhibition takes place. Its aim is to present selected fragments of personal archives of the artists, active at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s in socialist Czechoslovakia. The focus is on activities of the informal groups and interest based communities that had been organised outside the state-run social structures.

Archives: Vladimír Ambroz (Brno), Artpool Art Research Centre (Budapest), Pavel Büchler (Praha), Josef Daněk & Blahoslav Rozbořil (Čelákovice, Kuřim), Ľubomír Ďurček (Bratislava), Vladimír Havlík (Olomouc), Dalibor Chatrný (Brno), The Július Koller Society (Bratislava), J.H. Kocman (Brno), Marie Kratochvílová (Brno), Marian Palla (Střelice), Jaroslav Pokorný (Brno)

Artists: Milan Adamčiak, Vladimír Ambroz, Peter Bartoš, László Beke, Pavol Breier, Róbert Cyprich, Josef Daněk a Blahoslav Rozbořil, Ľubomír Ďurček, György Galántai, Vladimír Havlík, Vladimír Havrilla, Vladimír Instutoris, Michal Kern, Július Koller, Vladimír Kordoš, Miloš Laky & Ján Zavarský, Juraj Meliš, Peter Meluzin, Karel Miler, Marián Mudroch, Marian Palla, Jaroslav Richtr, Rudolf Sikora, Petr Štembera, Peter Thurzo, Dezider Tóth, Katarína Zavarská, Jana Želibská, and others

Exhibition curated by: Filip Cenek, Daniel Grúň, Barbora Klímová. Organised in collaboration with
Opening: Saturday 23. 6. 2012 at 18.00
DJ: Markéta Lysá & Petr Vrba (Prague)
Concert: Ostrý Zub & Vladimír Havlík (Olomouc)
Exhibition lasts until 19. 8. 2012
Place: tranzit dielne / workshops, Studená 12, Bratislava

Photo: Lubomir Durcek: One of the Stories, Rusovce, 1978, bw photography.

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