Liquidation is an international interdisciplinary project initiated by the New York curator Sarah Lookofsky, and is executed by the curatorial team of Miroslav Kraljević Gallery (Ana Kovačić, Lea Vene i Sanja Sekelj) in Zagreb, Center for Contemporary Art Stacion in Priština, and European Institute for Progressive Cultural Politics in Vienna. The first presentation of the project took place at the exhibition in Priština, in the summer of 2013, and will continue through the exhibition in Miroslav Kraljević Gallery on 2 May, followed by a two-day conference (on 3-4 May).

The Priština exhibition has gathered a number of foreign artists whose works deal with the issues of the privatization of public spaces and/or the visibility of the private spaces—those which were and should be public (John Hawke, Martha Rosler, Andreas Siekmann, Patricio Larrambebere). Drawing from the experiences of silent private takeovers of former public assets, of which the public was informed only after the fact, these artists register and mark movements of everyday life and, in doing so, try to illuminate and raise awareness on the hidden consequences of the process of privatization. What brings these artists together, despite their coming from different contexts, is their joint effort to confront these consequences as well as raise awareness and educate the public.

In addition to the artists who participated in the Priština exhibit, Miroslav Kraljević Gallery is also hosting several artists and/or researchers from Croatia: Bojan Mucko, Iva Marčetić, Bojan Mrđenović, Rafaela Dražić, Dina Rončević i OUR (Organizacija udruženog rada), as well as one artist form Kosovo, Alban Muja. These artists emphasize some of the local specificities as well, through particular examples from Rijeka, Split, and Zagreb.

The exhibition will be followed by a two-day conference with the conceptual participation of Mario KikašTomislav Medak, and the Multimedia Institut (MI2), bringing together a number of participating artists, relevant experts and theoreticians, as well as activists. Within the conference framework, there will be two lectures by Boris Buden and Neil Brenner. Inspired by the Stacion project partnership, the conference is envisioned to serve as a platform for discussion regarding privatization processes occurring in the region, sharing of struggles for public spaces, and discussing certain artworks showcased at the exhibit. You can see our conference program here.

Miroslav Kraljević Gallery – Šubićeva 29, 10000 Zagreb
02.05.2014 – 31.05.2014
Opening: 02.05.2014 at 8pm