Where Digital Innovation Creates Social Impact

Did you know ?

In Austria, almost half of the population aged 15 and older work on a voluntary basis. Around a third do voluntary and unpaid work in NGOs and social, cultural or supportive institutions. Another third does informal volunteering, for example spontaneously engaging in neighborhood help. A not so small part of the resources of non-profit organizations is used to divide-up the many volunteers and to use their potential correctly. Often there is no time to inform even more people – or certain target groups such as young people – about the possibility of voluntary work. Or did you know that for many people, the Internet is the first place to get information about anything. But not everyone can use the offer. People with cognitive disabilities are excluded from many offers and sources of information on the Internet. There are an infinite number of problems to be solved in the social sector. Digital startups see themselves indeed as provider of solutions. But most of them have commercial success as their primary goal.

What can we do?

We founded BeeTwo. Working with socially responsible organisations, BeeTwo fuses technology, aesthetics and philanthropy to create digital tools for solving social problems now and in the future. We use structured processes and rely on the active participation of disadvantaged population groups and the non-profit sector to foster a profound understanding of identified social problems. In doing so, we continuously focus on the needs of our target groups. They form the basis for developing solutions. We translate promising solutions into digital prototypes and help develop some of them into marketable products. Throughout the entire development process, target groups are actively involved in user tests to ensure that the solution is strongly oriented to their needs.

Cross-sector networks are essential to successfully develop and implement digital solutions to social problems. This can only be achieved by combining digital development, design, innovation, business and social issues. With BeeTwo, we help develop the mutual understanding necessary for this. We build communication bridges for the different sectors and specifically promote network and capacity building in the social sector in the areas of digitalisation, innovation management and agile product development.

“We can only scale digital, there is no other option”

Rastistlav Blažej (Social Banking, SLSP)

Why are we doing this?

We believe that digital innovation can create social impact. We want to contribute to building resilient societies where people have the knowledge, capacities and access to local and international networks to build prosperity and stability for themselves and their families. We believe that a need-based solution creation is key for achieving this goal and that a combination of expertise from digital, social and business world leads to impactful solutions.



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