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Zwischenräume – Kulturelle Transfers in deutschsprachigen Regionalperiodika des Habsburgerreichs (1850-1918) / The space in between

In the late 1980s Michel Espagne and Werner Greiling established the idea of cultural transfer, which was the alternative draft to the back then common idea of national segmentation in art and science. Since then culture has no longer been seen as something homogeneous, centralist and static, but as something transnational and dynamic. Culture happens everywhere, changes its meanings and its language, and opens the space for ambiguity and processes of hybridisation, never stopping questioning fixed assumptions of identity.

The authors of Zwischenräume / The space in between draw on this theory of Espagne and Greiling to study the meaning of regional German periodicals under the Habsburg rule (1850-1918). Five topics, which refer to the process of cultural transfer, are analysed and discussed: ideological and aesthetic strategies, gender, religion, nationality and social groupings. The aim of this book is to trace the relation between original and copy, centre and periphery, being oneself and being different in order not only to create a picture of the Habsburg Empire, its society, media and cultural institutions, but also to challenge the rule of periodicals back then.