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“The zone is a highly complex system…It may even seem capricious. But in fact, at any moment it is exactly as we devise it, in our consciousness…”

(From: Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979)

The catalogue accompanying the exhibition ZONE_PREKÄR, which took place from 16 July to 27 August 2011 in Kunstsäle Berlin, once more shows works of the eleven exhibiting artists reflecting the ambivalent nature of zones.

Zones are providing security and safety from the world outside, but at the same time they are characterised by their mechanism of exclusion and restriction of society, the others and everything which is different as such. Geographical zones might be the most visible ones, but the artists also refer to surveillance in times of monitoring cameras and to interventions of the advertising industry in natural living spaces of human beings and their desires. Daily life therefore is presented as oscillation between precarious zones, between freedom and isolation, peace and fear, desire and reality, attended by a feeling of instability.