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When Things Are Done Again

The publication when things are done again embodies Sung Hwan Kims rudimental take of a holistic offering for the spectator, not only as a sensual experience but also always including a political paradox and the transformation of historical remembrance.

In his practice, Sung Hwan Kim integrates video and performance art, taking on the role of director, editor, performer, composer, narrator and poet. By approaching his own work from all production angles, his pieces are infused with his own highly subjective vision. His videos and performances seldom tell a linear story. His dream-like films depart from a straight-forward story, the scenes shift almost illogically with strong cuts, whilst maintaining an overall narrative and aesthetic coherence.

In this exhibition booklet he seems to aim the creation of a haptic situation for the consumer by combining different artistic elements – playing with the fact of the impossibility to integrate his usual comprehensive multimedia approach.

Sung Hwan Kim and his co-author, the sound-artist dogr (aka David Michael DiGregorio) fuse poetry, collages of visual art, philosophy, organic medicine, cultural criticism and politics added by short textual passages in dialogical depiction.