Well.Come! Literarische und fotografische Porträts von jugendlichen Flüchtlingen und ihren Patinnen und Paten

Since 2001 the Asylkoordination Österreich (Asylum Organisers of Austria), has been successfully working on the project “Connecting People”, looking and supervising the sponsorship for the young refugees. Every year thousands of unaccompanied minors come to Austria, looking for shelter from war, persecution, violence and existential adversity in their homelands.

In spite of their age and problematic situation, these young people have to face complicated asylum procedures and uncertainty about their future as soon as they arrive to Austria. The sponsorship of the Asylkoordination provides them with support in this difficult phase by offering them the possibility to establish a secure existence in Austria.

At the 10 year anniversary of “Connecting People”, the book “Well.Come!” was published. It illustrates the experiences of famous writers and journalists in sponsoring young refugees. Many of the authors originally come fromEastern Europe, but write and publish in German. In this book they show how closely knit Austria culturally already is with its Eastern neighbours.