Viel Glück! Migration heute – Wien, Belgrad, Zagreb, Istanbul / Good Luck! Migration today – Vienna, Belgrade, Zagreb, Istanbul

Good luck! – thousand times over people wish their relatives and friends “Good luck!”, when departing to another country, into an unknown future. Migration is – in times of tightened border protection and intensified migration and asylum laws – only possible with a bit of good luck.

The EU harmonisation efforts’ role in regard to migration and asylum and their impact of national migration policies, as well as those concerned, is one of the foci of this anthology. The geographic focus is set on the Central and South-Eastern European region, in particularAustria, Croatia, Serbia and Turkey. Linked historically through the 1960s labour recruitment and secondment policies, the four countries experienced during the last two decades globalisation process-bound new migration movements.

Topics such as labour migration, new national control mechanisms regarding migration and asylum, transnational migration and queer migration are discussed and based on current case studies, theoretical texts and legal timeline. One chapter is dedicated to utopia and migration. Will there still be nation states and borders in twenty, fifty or hundred years? Is it possible for utopian demands to be realised as part of social struggles? Is migration the death of utopia?

The illustrated publication is completed by the documentation of two exhibitions which address artistic and cultural production dealing with the theme of migration.