Unfinished Modernisations. Between Utopia and Pragmatism

The book is dealing with architecture and urban design on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia during socialist period aiming to answer the questions about their role and legacy in the successor countries. The book is structured in five topics: Spaces of Representation, Spaces of Global Exchange, Politics of Urban Space, Design of Spatial Practices and Yugoslav Architectural Space. It encompases numerous, richly illustrated researches examining through different methodologies the way in which divergent concepts of modernisation conditioned architecture, territorial transformations, and urban phenomena. The book presents numerous architectural and urban design projects from the socialist period ranging from tourist experiments on the Adriatic coastline, concepts for new cities and presentation pavilions at international exhibitions, to disreputable public edifices and historical memorials in all the former Yugoslav countries during 1948–1980. More than 40 researchers like architecture historians, critics and activists were included in documentary and research work.

The book is a result of a two-year collaborative project Unfinished Modernisations- Between Utopia and Pragmatism (2010 – 2012) commenced on the initiative of the CAA/Croatian Architects’ Association in collaboration with partners Maribor Art Gallery (Slovenia), Museum of Architecture and Design (Slovenia), Belgrade Architects Association(Serbia), Coalition for Sustainable Development (Macedonia) and Oris-House of Architecture (Croatia).